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Anna Oliphant-Wright is one of our OzMade Unsigned Find success stories!

A high school student in Ballarat, Anna approached me with a song she wanted featured on the program - I was blown away, and amazed that someone so young, had so much to write and sing about.

Since then, she has opened the stage for You Am I and Dallas Crane at the Ballarat Beer Festival in 2016, and become the first regional artist to be chosen as a finalist in the Melbourne Music Bank competition.

She is opening the stage for the first of two "Summer Sundays" events at Ballarat's Botanic Gardens - catch her on stage this Sunday (09/01) from 3pm!

Or see more on Anna's Facebook Page.

The founding members of Motor Ace have released the first single as the new outfit "Nighthawk".  Patrick joined sarahd on our OzMade Moments to chat about the decision to start releasing music again, and what's changed since the good ol' days.


Anthony from The Hiding joined sarahd on OzMade to chat about their new single, and the importance of an online presence for bands in today's day and age.


REMI have released their new album Divas and Demons - one half of the duo, Remi, joined sarahd on OzMade to chat about their success.


Rav Thomas is a proudly independent Australian artist.  Lot's of hard work and travel has seen him and his band play some impressive festivals and line-ups - he joined sarahd on OzMadeto chat about those experiences and his new single "Have You Round To Stay".


Lindsay from Who's This joined sarahd on OzMade to chat about how the band came together, and starting out lining up gigs for themselves.

 Head to Facebook to hear the new track.

Fatty Boomba dropped in to chat with sarahd on OzMade and played their debut single "It's The Life" live!  Check it out here:


Check out the very cool new video for The Iron Eye's latest single "Just Started".

Nick from The Iron Eye joined sarahd on OzMade to chat about how much fun they had learning to do things in reverse for the clip.


New Zealand's, Jupiter Project, joined sarahd on our OzMade OS to chat about the decision to cover the classic hit "My Girl" as their latest single.


Superheist are back with, what they've dubbed, a "new begginning".

D.W caught up with sarahd on our OzMade Moments to chat about what inspired the new beginning and the changes in Superheist in creating the new album.


Joel Davies has been in the studio to record for the first time ever, thanks to a win at a battle of the bands competition.  sarahd found out all about the experience on our OzMade Unsigned Find.

Just in time for summer, Lime Cordiale have released the feel good track "Waking Up Easy".

Oli joined sarahd on OzMade to chat about interacting with fans online, and something new that Lime Cordiale did recently to make sure their shows were accessible to fans everywhere.


 The Art first formed as "The Follow" - sarahd caught up with Azaria to find out why the name change?  They also chat about some of the amazing opportunities The Art has had in recent years.

Remember the clip in 500 Days of Summer when Joseph Gordon-Levitt breaks into dance as he's strutting down the street?  Sounds like that's what happened to Matt when he started writing the latest single "I Feel Fine".

Check out the chat with sarahd on our OzMade Unsigned Find!


Rachel Collis has just released her third album - for the first time, Rachel took a more collaborative path.  Find out what helped her make the decision to have some friends work together with her on this album in our OzMade Moments interview:

Monte from The Delta Riggs caught up with sarahd on OzMade to chat about the new album Active Galactic and the pros and cons of working to a small budget and strict timeline.


Dino Jag's new EP "Breakthrough" is out now.  sarahd caught up with Dino on our OzMade Moments to find out about some of his star encounters, and the time he found himself doing vocal warm-ups backstage with an Aussie music legend.


The "Skitz Mix" has been in production since the mid-nineties - and it doesn't sound like Nick Skitz is going to stop making them anytime soon!  Nick caught up with sarahd on OzMade to chat about the Skitz Mix, and his new single ft Meg Ripps - a remix of "The Horses".


Dan Hale from SWYTCH joined sarahd on our OzMade Unsigned Find to chat about the more serious meaning behind their new song The Hag.



Alby Carter's new track "This Way" was featured on our OzMade Unsigned Find.  sarahd caught up with Alby to find out about his work with Tyrone Noonan on his new stuff.