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Nathan Smart's new tune is "Jailhouse"


Australian musician Nathan Smart has just released his brand new pop anthem, Jailhouse! Produced by Michael Paynter and Michael DeLorenzis at MSquared (NUSSY, Chris Watts), Jailhouse features soaring synths, in the likes of Flume, fused with the cool trap beats. Smart’s glistening vocals build the song effortlessly, showcasing his unique and agile rap style singing, before elevating into an unforgettable and powerful hook, akin to the pop hits from Troye Sivan. With an accumulated audience of over 500,000, Nathan Smart begun his musical career in 2011 posting cover videos on YouTube before delving into production and writing in 2014.

Hustling from Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula, the 20 year old singer, songwriter and producer brings a fresh approach with his fusion pop, hip-hop crossovers. “In 2017 I wanted to start with a blank slate and re think what my music will sound like...now I’m making the records that I’ve always loved listening to”. On the writing process, Smart said “Jailhouse was Inspired by a deteriorating relationship. It’s a confession that even though this person had moved on, I was struggling to let go of what little was left...Listening to it now is very nostalgic”.

Hear Nathan's chat with Josh below: