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Amy Shark met Katie Holmes?


Gold Coast singer-songwriter Amy Shark has just released her highly anticipated new single ‘I Said Hi’. The track is the first single off her upcoming debut album entitled LOVE MONSTER, which is set for release on July 13th!

Having just returned home after an extensive tour of Europe and North America – with sold out shows in major cities like Germany, London, New York, Los Angeles and Seattle – Amy returns to Australia to launch her next single ‘I Said Hi’ as well as her full-length album debut, LOVE MONSTER. Working again with producer Dann Hume, ‘I Said Hi’ is about overcoming adversity and the struggles we face in our day-to-day lives. Shark’s road to airtime and awards nights was less than glossy—her story is another kiss goodbye to the myth that anyone can just make it overnight.

Check out Josh's chat with the WONDERFUL Amy Shark below!