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Mobs are 'Some Kind Of Wonderful'


In 2018, 80’s retro is back in a big way. It’s the year the Michael Jordan inspired Air Jordan 10 shoe marks its return and Crocodile Dundee once again graced Australia’s tourism ads. It seems the world just can’t get away from 80’s nostalgia, which is fruitful for Melbourne four-piece, MOBS to pave their way for their single ‘Some Kind Of Wonderful’’.

Lyrically, ‘Some Kind Of Wonderful’’ is based on the 1987 John Hughes film of the same name. Where their October 2017 release ‘Say Anything’ was the band’s take on an 80’s power ballad, ‘Some kind of wonderful’ is an anthemic 80’s styled power pop tune.

“It’s a story about not realising that sometimes the things we most want or need are right in front of us,” says guitarist, Michael Ashfield.

Hear Josh's chat with MOBS below!