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After ten years of playing covers, Venus Envy has released their first single.  Michael caught up with sarahd to chat about how the process went from playing covers to writing originals.


Melbourne's Didirri joined sarahd on our OzMade Unsigned Find to chat about getting his start and commiting to becoming a full-time muso.  Catch up on their chat here, and check out the awesome stop-motion video for "Fall" below.

Natasha has just released her new single "Beyond All Else" / BAE.  sarahd caught up with Natasha to find out about her travels, what inspired the song, and if it was written with the name "BAE" in mind.


Sticky Fingers new album "Westway:  The Glitter and the Slums" is out Sept 30.  We caught up with Paddy to find out about the video for the new track and how it pays homage to some of their favourite legends.


Arcane Saints have played some pretty impressive shows - sarahd caught up with Michael John to find out about some of the most memorable career highlights with Arcane Saints.  Listen to their latest "Black Limousine" below!


Caiti Baker has just released her first solo single, and the story about the new direction in her music, is great!  Have a listen below and head to facebook to track down Caiti's October tour dates around Australia.

Aussie Throttle has teamed up with Lunchmoney Lewis and Aston Merrygold on the new one "Money Maker" - he caught up with sarahd to chat about how the collaboration came about, and what it's like hearing his song all over Australian radio.


Dino Jag has just released the first single from his upcoming EP, sarad caught up with him on OzMade to find out about how important deadlines are when creating things as an independent artist.


Sam Hanson's new EP "Contagious" is out now.  He caught up with sarahd to chat about how plans and time restrictions sometimes disappear in the midst of getting a release together.

sarahd caught up with Joe and Hoddy from The Sand Dollars to talk about what we can expect to follow the first single and video from their new EP "Silence is Gold".