sarah d



I’m Sarah D – here to play your favourite Aussie tunes on OzMade!


I was born in Melbourne, but I’ve spent much of my time travelling this beautiful country of ours – from Darwin to Murray Bridge and as many places in-between as I can manage.

I think my mum is to blame for my love of music. She says music was always playing as I was growing up, and things haven’t changed since I left the nest!

Whether it’s a new album, a classic that I’ve just added to my record collection, video clips on a Saturday morning, or a live band playing at a little venue or an arena – there’s always music, wherever I am.

That’s why I love joining you for OzMade – where we’ll play the biggest Aussie tunes, as well as upcoming Aussie artists in our #OzMadeUnsignedFind



Find me on Twitter or Instagram: @sezdee_